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We are a local club whose members run a dance in Cairns every couple of weeks.

Visitors are Always Welcome!

History of Our Club and Membership.

The club was originally set up in 1998 when a group of like-minded Cairns people with a common interest in Ballroom dance came together to organise regular dances at which they could practice what they were learning in dance lessons at the various dance studios around Cairns.

The club has no affiliation with any particular studio but most of the members are or have been in the past associated with at least one of the local Ballroom dance studios.
The aim of the club from the beginning was to provide a venue at which the dances recognised by Dancesport Australia could be practised.

On average 75% of the dance program will be Dancesport recognised dances, the balance being progressives, new vogue and other sequence dances which are commonly danced in the Cairns area.

With this in mind any visitors acquainted with the Dancesport recognised dances will feel right at home.

The club is run entirely by members and any money raised is put back into the running of the club or donated to suitable causes.

What is Ballroom Dance.

Ballroom dance in its strictest sense is a group of ten partner dances. Five Modern dances (Waltz. Quickstep, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot) and five Latin dances (Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive and Pasa Doble). In Australia there are also 15 New Vogue (or sequence dances) which are added to the mix. These dances are standardised so somebody learning to dance in say, Perth will be learning the same steps and figures as somebody learning to dance in Cairns. These 25 dances can be enjoyed by social dancers in any part of the country or taken up a few notches and danced competitively up to national level, and for the five Modern and the five Latin dances at international level.

Why take up Ballroom Dance?

People come to ballroom dancing for a myriad of reasons. They might want to learn a new skill, increase their fitness level, broaden their social horizon or improve their confidence level. You can start learning ballroom at any age and it is an activity you can sustain for your whole life. The club has some members who are in their 80’s, but we also have members who are in their teens.

Visitors are always welcome.

Cairns is a tourist centre and many visitors to Cairns actively seek out places to dance during their holidays. The club welcomes many visitors who are on holiday in Cairns. Other people may be considering learning to dance or thinking about joining the club and just want to come along to have a look.

All levels of dancers welcomed from beginners to advanced.

The club membership includes all levels, from raw beginners who only know a couple of dances to competitive dancers who travel considerable distances to compete at dance competitions.


Club membership is $10.00 per year with renewals due at the beginning of each calendar year.
Members entry to club dance nights is $10.00, non-member entry is $15.00.

The Club holds an Annual Ball, Entry is Members Only.